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Amherst, MA
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Bozeman, MT
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Gambier, OH
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Sphinx Mountain, MT
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Bridger Bowl, MT

I am originally from Millersville, MD (between Baltimore and D.C.) and received my B.A. in Mathematics from Kenyon College. I then earned my M.S. and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Montana State University (MSU) where I was advised by Tomas Gedeon and worked on problems in applied topology. I am now a postdoc at Smith College where I work with Chris Golé and students on studying plant patterns. In addition to research, I am very interested in making the scientific community more welcoming and accessible. My non-research highlights include being on the leadership team of Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), participating in a STEM communication program, and participating in a leadership program. Some of my personal interests include:

  • Spending time outside - I gained a huge appreciation of the outdoors when I lived in Montana. Trail running and skiing were hobbies I picked up while living there.
  • Reading - I am a reader and enjoy most genres. I track my reading through goodreads.
  • Art - I have been drawing since I was a teenager. I also enjoy dabbling in watercolors and pottery.