My goal as an educator is to create an engaging and inclusive learning environment where success is accessible to all students.

Courses at Smith College

  • M 153: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics, Spring 2024
  • M 212: Multivariable Calculus, Fall 2023
  • M 211: Linear Algebra, Spring 2023
  • M 111: Calculus I, Fall 2022

Courses at Montana State University

  • M 172: Calculus II, Spring 2020
  • M 172: Calculus II, Fall 2019
  • M 171: Calculus I, Fall 2017
  • M 121: College Algebra, Spring 2017
  • M 121: College Algebra, Fall 2016

Teaching Adjacent Experience

  • I created two videos for the Applied Algebraic Topology Research Network (AATRN) youtube channel. One on creating mosaics from images and another on directed topology.
  • I was a grader and lead tutor for M 151: Precalculus at MSU in Summer 2019.
  • I was a teaching assistant at the Applied Mathematical Modeling with Topological Techniques Workshop at ICERM in August 2019. For this workshop, Jordan Schupbach and I wrote a Rips Filtration tutorial for the R-TDA package.
  • During the semesters I taught at MSU, I was also a mathematics tutor at MSU's Math Learning Center.
  • While at Kenyon College, I was the lead tutor for Calculus II and the Art of Mathematics (non-major's course).