Here are some links to programs, scholarships, organizations, and books I have found useful or could be of interest to others. This is an incomplete list and I am happy to take suggestions on what to add.

Programs and Conferences for Undergraduates

  • Broader Engagement (BE). The BE program brings together students underrepresented in STEM at a week long conference. The conference is usually through SIAM and has a computational theme. BE participants attend talks, software tutorials, and discussions.
  • Joint Math Meetings and Math Fest are two large annual mathematics conferences that host events for students and provide opportunities for undergraduates to present research.
  • Grace Hopper Celebration. An annual conference geared towards women in computing.
  • Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. A one-day mathematics conference held annually each spring semester at rotating institutions in New York and New England. The conference features short talks by students and faculty, and a longer invited address by a noted mathematician.
  • Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics. Conference held every January at University of Nebraska-Lincoln for undergraduate women in math. The conference involves plenary talks, panels, special topic sessions, and research talks given by undergraduate participants.
  • Park City Mathematics Undergraduate Summer School. Three week program on a specialized mathematics topic in Park City, Utah. Participants receive a small stipend.
  • Research Experience for Undergraduatesn (REU). Summer paid research programs for undergraduates.
  • SQuARED Justice Conference. The Student Quantitative Action Research for Equity, Diversity, and Justice (SQuARED) Conference is an online conference that provides the opportunity for undergraduate and graduate student researchers to present their work to members of the QSIDE, activist, and business communities.
  • Sustainable Research Pathways. A career development program that connects students and faculty working with underrepresented groups with US Department of Energy (DOE) National Laboratory scientists. The program includes a summer paid internship.
  • Women in Mathematics in New England Conference. Annual conference held at Smith College. The one day program consists of plenary speakers, parallel sessions with talks by students from around the region, panel discussions, mentoring activities, and other opportunities for networking.

Scholarships for Undergraduates

Organizations for Underrepresented Mathematicians

Getting involved in Applied Topology

Science Themed Books